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Q: The installation program complains "Unable to copy configuration files to your hard disk. Please confirm sufficient space exists on Drive C." I have plenty of free space on C. What's going on?

A: Your system is missing a TEMP variable, or else TEMP is pointing to a location (perhaps a RAM disk) that does not provide a large amount of free disk space. Lots of programs asssume the existence of such a variable, and the installation program is one of them. From a command prompt (Start > Run > Command) type "SET" and verify that the list returned includes a line TEMP=C:\TEMP. If there is no such entry, go to your autoexec.bat file and add the line SET TEMP=C:\TEMP after first creating a folder C:\TEMP (if it doesn't already exist). Then restart your system.

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Q: When I try to transfer typeset material on the clipboard to Word 97 nothing appears in Word 97 --- or the material appears way too large or compressed into a tiny dot.

A: If you look on the clipboard you will see that material copied from DVIWindo does appear correctly there. However, there is a bug in several new MicroSoft 97 applications that prevent them from recognizing Windows MetaFiles in ISOTROPIC mode (which is supposed to prevent the importing application from distorting the material). The work around is to add


to the [Window] section of dviwindo.ini

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Q: Rotated and scaled text and figures do not show up rotated and scaled on screen

A: DVIWindo rotates and scales material on screen in Windows NT/Windwos 2000 Pro/Windows XP (this works only if you are using standard packages such as the LaTeX graphics package or "rotate.sty").

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Q: In order to make it easy to refer to TeX files in some new directories, I add these to the semi-colon separated list of directories in the TEXINPUTS environment variable. But TeX can't find the files in those directories.

A: The Y&Y TeX System supports "format specific" environment variables. When you are running LaTeX 2e, it uses the variable LATEX instead of TEXINPUTS (similarly for LaTeX 2.09 it uses LPLAIN, for plain TeX it uses PLAIN, and for AMS TeX it uses the variable AMSTEX).

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Q: I added some new TFM files to one of the directories in the semicolon separated list in TEXFONTS, but TeX can't find the new TFM files.

A: The Y&Y TeX System supports "encoding specific" environment variables. When you are using TeX 'n ANSI (LY1) encoding, it refers to the variable TEXNANSI instead of TEXFONTS (similarly for Cork/T1 encoding it uses TEX256, for TeX text (OT1) is uses TEXTEXT, and for Adobe StandardEncoding it uses STANDARD).

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Q: When I (La)TeX a file that I am previewing the preview does not get updated automatically.

A: You are looking at a stale version of the DVI file (not the one that TeX is writing). Go to "File > Open" to open the current DVI file. If you are not using a common working directory then the DVI file will be in the same directory as the TeX source file. ("Fonts > Working Directory" has a check mark if you are using a common directory).

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Q: When I open a file I get the error message "Not a valid DVI or Textures file."

A: You are trying to open something other than a DVI file (or one that has been corrupted). Typically this is the result of trying to open a TeX source file. The previewer is designed to open DVI files, not TeX source files.

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Q: Whenever I print, the "Use DVIPSONE" check box is checked, even when I want to print to a non-PostScript device like my fax board. I can always "uncheck" the check box it when I "print" to a non-PS printer, but this is inconvenient.

A: You can control whether the "Use DVIPSONE" box is checked or not for a given printer using an entry in "dviwindo.ini." Add a line listing the ports on which you have PostScript devices. This semi-colon separated list should go in the [Window] section of "dviwindo.ini." For example:


If you never want the "Use DVIPSONE" check box checked: "UseDVIPSONE=BOGUS:"

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Q: Timothy Van Zandt's PSTricks doesn't seem to work properly with DVIPSONE.

A: PSTricks uses raw PostScript to do all the wonderful things it does. Each printer driver creates a different PostScript environment, so PSTricks needs to be told what DVIPSONE uses. Look in the PS folder for the files pstricks.pro, pst-show.pro, and pstricks.con (a TeX header file) specially modified to work with DVIPSONE.

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Q: Sebastian Rahtz' "hyperref" package doesn't seem to work correctly.

A: Make sure to tell the package that you are using DVIWindo. It needs this to select the appropriate "backend." Use the [dviwindo] option with \usepackage[...]{hyperref} If on screen hyper-text support is not required then you can use the [dvipsone] option instead.

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Q: The "hyperref" package works properly with the "dviwindo" option, but not with the "dvipsone" option.

A: If hyperref works properly for the "dviwindo" option, but not for "dvipsone", check the "hyperref.cfg" file in the "yandy\tex\latex2e\hyperref" folder. The options in this file conflict with the "dvipsone" option. Suggested work around: (1) change the option in the file to read \hypersetup{dvipsone,....}, OR (2) delete the file completely, OR (3) rename the file.

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Q: David Carlisle's "graphics" and "color" packages don't seem to work correctly.

A: Make sure to tell these package that you are using DVIPSONE This is so it can emit the appropriate \special{...} commands. You can use the [dvipsone] option with these pacakages. Better yet, create a "graphics.cfg" and a "color.cfg" file containing the single line


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Q: How could I tell LaTeX to use the VI editor when LaTeX encounters a syntax error and I want to edit the line that is causing the error?

A: Add to the [Environment] section of dviwindo.ini

TEXEDIT=vi +%%d %%s

Then, when (La)TeX encounters an error, instead of using "x" to terminate execution, use "e" to edit the file.

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Q: How can I add a link to my VI editor in the "TeX" menu?

A: You can edit the "TeX" menu directly from DVIWindo (refer to Y&Y TeX System Manual). Alternatively, in the [Applications] section of "dviwindo.ini" you may want to add

VI|F9=c:\tools\cmds\vi.exe @.tex

so you will be able to press F9 whenever you want to edit the file that you are viewing under DVIWINDO. Please substitute your actual path for "vi.exe" in the above for "c:\tools\cmds"

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Q: How can I run TeX in an Epsilon process buffer and get error output that allows me to jump directly to the line in question?

A: Y&Y TeX outputs "C style" error messages complete with file name and line number if you give it "-L" on the command line. You can then use Epsilons "next-error" and "previous-error" commands to load the corresponding source file and go to the line with the error. You can control command line flags for Y&Y TeX from "Preferences > Command Line > Y&Y TeX" in DVIWindo.

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Q: When insert a PS level 2 EPS file, pages of junk come out of the printer.

A: DVIPSONE will pass through level 2 code, including binary data. However,

Moral: Avoid binary data in EPS files (except for the TIFF header) if at all possible. And use TIFF files for images instead.
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Q: I get errors in "makefont" and "scalefont" on my image setter with PS files made by DVIPSONE.

A: You have an "Emerald based" RIP (probably an AGFA Viper or Lino 50). These have an error in the matrix multiplication arithmetic in makefont and scalefont. Use -*A=10000 on the command line with DVIPSONE for a work-around.

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Q: I print on A4 paper and rules (like division lines) near the top of the page come out too low on the page.

A: You probably have a QMS 1660-2 or related printer. These printers have an arithmetic overflow error which appears when using large coordinates. Use -*A=10000 on the command line with DVIPSONE for a work-around.

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Q: When I print to my QMS printer, output from DVIPSONE is shown as ASCII PostScript code instead of being interpreted as PostScript. But if I "print to file" from DVIPSONE and then COPY to LPT1: it works just fine. What gives?

A: Some printers parse the input data they receive to see whether it is PostScript code or not. Some QMS printers require more than just a line starting %!PS-Adobe-3.0... Now DVIPSONE leaves out most header comment lines when sending output direct to a printer. You can force it to include all header comment lines by using -Y on the command line.

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Q: Mysteriously, the glyph "AE" shows up in my printed output when I \input a particular file.

A: You probably have a Ctrl-Z (character code 26) in the file. Ctrl-Z used to be used to indicate the end of the file, and so Y&Y TeX ignores a Ctrl-Z that is the last byte in a file (unless you use the command line flag -z). But inside a file Y&Y TeX allows all character codes including "control" characters. You most likely have some invisible white space after the Ctrl-Z and before the true end of file.

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Q: How can I build accented characters other than the 58 "standard" ones available in most text fonts?

A: Normally this is automatic. With \usepackage[LY1]{fontenc} (or \input texnansi) pre-built composites will be used if available, and others will be built by over-printing.

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Q: Everytime I launch TeX from DVIWindo I get this horrible "This application has violated system integrity" error message.

A: Try launching a DOS box by double clicking with the mouse --- you most likely will get the same error message. Try launching TeX using a hot key instead of using the mouse to select from the "TeX Menu" --- you most likely will not get the message. If this is the case, you have a conflict between Windows mouse service and DOS mouse service. You may have to comment out the line in autoexec.bat that launches your DOS mouse TSR (e.g. comment out C:\MSINPUT\MOUSE\MOUSE.EXE /Q).

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Q: I use "TeX formats" that include TeX macro header files that I use frequently. Now I can't get "on the fly" reencoding to work. What gives?

A: "TeX format" files include "frozen" in TFM files of fonts called for by the format. Changes you make to the TFM files in the TEXFONTS directory after creating the format have no effect. You can check whether TeX is using "frozen" TFM metrics or instead reading TFM files from disk, by using the -Z command line flag when running Y&Y TeX. This lists all TFM files actually read by TeX (as opposed to found in the format). The listing of TFM files read appears in the log file.

In release 2.2 you will also see a list of TFMs "frozen" in the format, as well as a listing of fonts used and their sizes at the end of the log file. You can also suppress use of TFMs frozen in the format using -4 on the command line.

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Q: I have problems printing from DVIWindo to my NEC Superscript 860 printer. Only part of the page prints (or the printer blinks its lights indefinitely with no output).

A: The Superscript 860"s default printer driver is Adobe's Print Gear, which causes problems with certain output drivers. Set the printer to use the HP2P or HP LJ III driver instead (to install a new printer driver, double click on "Printers" in "Control Panel", then double click "Add Printers" -- you may need your Windows CD).

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Q: EPS files created by MatLab do not show on screen.

A: EPS files need an attached preview to be shown on screen. DVIWindo supports previews in TIFF, WMF and EPSI format. In MatLab use

print -tiff -deps ...

to create a suitable EPS file.

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Q: Accents appear before the letter to be accented, rather than over it. What is wrong?

A: Normally this should work no matter how you call for the accented characters. If it doesn't work try switching from "old style" syntax of the form

\"{a},\'e, \c{c} etc.

to the following syntax

\"a, \'s, \c c etc.

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