Y&Y's Extra LaTeX/SliTeX and AMS Fonts

  • LaTeX symbol font contains special math symbols not found in the Computer Modern math symbol font

  • LaTeX line and circle fonts contain circles of various sizes, and quadrants of circles and lines at various angles, used in constructing simple diagrams and figures in TeX's Picture environment

  • SliTeX fonts are commonly used for preparing overhead transparencies

  • LaTeX, Euler and "logo" font outlines were made by Y&Y directly from the METAFONT description --- a major accomplishment, since the METAFONT language does not explicitly describe character outlines

AMS Fonts

  • AMS mathematical symbol fonts, MSAM and MSBM, incorporating the "black-board bold" or "open-face" characters used to typeset symbols representing various number sets

  • Smaller sizes of the CM bold math italic and math symbol fonts

  • Includes "in between" sizes. Total of 56 fonts in the set.

  • Both bold math italic and bold math symbol fonts have been revised to reflect changes made by Donald E. Knuth.

  • Euler fonts designed by Hermann Zapf: "Text," "Fraktur," and "Script" faces, each in "regular" and "bold"

  • Five Cyrillic fonts designed at the University of Washington

Extra LaTeX/SliTeX Fonts

  • line10, linew10, lcircle1, lcirclew

  • lasy5, lasy6, lasy7, lasy8, lasy9, lasy10, lasyb10

  • lcmss8, lcmssb8, lcmssi8

  • logo8, logo9, logo10, logosl8, logosl9, logosl10, logobf10, logod10.

  • Includes "P" and "S" to typeset the word METAPOST in addition to METAFONT.

  • Includes the new sizes of the slanted fonts and the new demi-bold version.

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