TeX 'n ANSI (LY1) font encoding

What is LY1 font encoding?

TeX 'n ANSI (LY1) is a character layout particularly well suited for use with the 90,000 or so text fonts in Adobe Type 1 format (a.k.a. "PostScript" or "ATM" fonts). This is TeX 'n ANSI (LY1)

What are the benefits of LY1 encoding?

Do I need Y&Y TeX - or fonts from Y&Y - in order to use LY1?

No. You can derive benefits from LY1 with other TeX systems, and with any text font in Type 1 format, including the "standard" printer resident fonts (Times, Helvetica, Courier etc.). You can easily use LY1 encoding with DVIPS.

Do I have to use LY1 encoding with Y&Y TeX - or Y&Y fonts?

No. Because of "on the fly" reencoding, you can use any character layout with the Y&Y TeX System. You can use fonts from Y&Y with any encoding you like. The fonts are supplied with several sets of TFM metric files for common encoding schemes, including platform specific encodings, as well as LY1.

Do I need special hyphenation patterns when using LY1?

No. The hyphenation patterns for T1 (Cork) encoding can be used, because LY1 and T1 are both based on ISO 8859-1 Latin encoding and have the Western European accented characters in the same positions.

What do I need to experiment with LY1?

Download the free LY1 support file (156,202 byte zip file, 1997 Dec 25). Unzip it. You will get LY1 support files as well as TFM and FD files for some common fonts using Karl Berry font names. Scan the readme.txt file.

Are there a detailed examples of support files for full font families?

There are three conveniently packaged examples complete with the actual fonts right here:

charter.zip (279,171 bytes) for the Charter fonts from BitStream.

utopia.zip (325,619 bytes) for the Utopia fonts from Adobe.

courier.zip (313,619 bytes) for the Courier fonts from IBM.

These include LaTeX PSNFSS files for the fonts contributed by BitStream, Adobe and IBM to the X Consortium. Each zip file is complete with the actual fonts in ATM compatible Adobe Type 1 format, metric files, font definition files, style files, a one page sample, and instructions. You can model font definition files for other fonts on the ly1bch.fd, ly1put.fd, and ly1ncr.fd files.

What about the 35 standard PS printer resident fonts?

Support for the 35 standard printer resident fonts using LY1 encoding. Here are TFMs, FDs, STYs -- all you need --- LY1/lw35nfsx.zip (164,321 byte zip file). Compare this with the lw35nfss.zip file on CTAN which is over 800,000 bytes using T1, TS1 and VF!

How do I get TFM files for the 117 fonts that come with PostScript 3?

To download TFM files set up for LY1 encoding for the 117 fonts in PostScript 3 click here (203,612 byte zip file). This includes TFMs for the revised Base 13 fonts with new kerning pairs.

How do I get TFM files for fonts in the Adobe Type Library?

To download TFM files set up for LY1 encoding for any of the 2230 or so fonts in the Adobe Type Library click here.

I don't have AFMtoTFM. Can I make TFM files for LY1 encoding?

Yes, use AFM2TFM and PLtoTF.

FAQ on LY1 encoding: Click here

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