Single TFM file (no VF!) for Type 1 fonts

Using AFM2TFM and PLtoTF

To create a single TFM file -- complete with ligatures and kerning -- from an AFM file:

where <fontfilename> is the name of the AFM file. You may wish to rename the file using the Karl Berry name. The appropriate decoration for names of LY1 (TeX 'n ANSI) encoded fonts is "8y". For example, the TFM file for Times-Roman generated this way would be called ptmr8y.tfm. Make a note of the line printed by AFM2TFM. It is what you need to add to your psfonts.map file so DVIPS does the right thing when it comes across a reference to the font in the DVI file:

<fontfilename> <PS FontName> "TeXnANSIEncoding ReEncodeFont" <texnansi.enc

where <PS FontName> is the PostScript FontName. If the font is not printer resident you also need to tell DVIPS to include it, so you end up with a line like:

adbi8y AGaramond-BoldItalic "TeXnANSIEncoding ReEncodeFont" <texnansi.enc <gdbi.pfb

For additional information see:

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